Building Automation & Intelligence

Specialists in building control systems and energy management solutions.

At Controltech, we follow one simple philosophy: to devote our talent and technology to creating superior products, services and solutions that contribute to improving building practices.

Our directors bring decades of experience working within the industry for some of Australia’s largest companies. They founded Controltech in 2011 to meet the growing needs of customers for customized solutions.

We have grown significantly through exceptional customer service delivered by our highly skilled, trained and motivated employees. We continue to invest in understanding the latest technologies for building automation and intelligence systems.

Most importantly, we are a truly independent Systems Integrator and believe that “open” systems are the ideal offering for our customers, and the market in general. As such, we choose our product suppliers on the basis that they can provide quality product that is open and certified.

Our vision is to be the leading choice for Building Automation solutions. We devote our engineering talent and industry leading technology to design and deliver building automation systems which enhance the operation, sustainability and livability of today’s buildings.

We choose, analyse and partner only with leading manufacturers of product conforming to Open Building Standards. This technology and our expertise will provide a scalable and integrated system that forms the backbone of your building.

Responsive + Innovative

Experience, innovation through investment & leading technology is what sets us apart.
  • Decades of experience creating superior products, services and solutions that contribute to improved building practices.
  • Customized solutions from our team of highly skilled, trained and motivated employees.
  • Our own in-house electrical and controls installation team deliver and maintain all our core business offerings to the highest standards of quality, responsiveness, safety and accountability.
  • Innovation through investment, training and building a team of diversified personnel, with comprehensive experience in the design, engineering, installation, servicing and maintenance of building automation and intelligence systems.

  • A truly independent Systems Integrator who believe that “open” systems – where product suppliers are used on the basis that they can provide quality, certified products – serve our customers and the industry best.
  • Leading Technology including fully electronic job management systems to efficiently manage workflows; and our tailored BMS system provides intelligence through realtime dashboard style reporting.

  • Open Platform & Scalable Integrations – Trained certified partners of Distech controls & Tridium Niagara.

Open Platforms, Scalable Systems

Controltech remains an independent systems integrator. We are a trained and certified partner to leading industry brands.

A Building Control System is often the single controlling platform for the operation of all electrical and mechanical sub systems that make up today’s modern buildings and as such should be considered carefully with serviceability as a key point during the evaluation phase.

Open systems provide our customers with the flexibility to choose from a diverse range of products and solutions that meet their specialized needs based on cost effectiveness, meeting specific needs and performance – rather than being constrained by a single vendor proprietary system.

Controltech is proud to be a fully trained and certified Partner, representing Distech Controls in our region.

A global leader in building automation and energy management solutions, Distech Controls manufactures products based on open and interoperable communication standards such as LON and BACnet.

Controltech are certified to design, engineer, and program projects using the Niagara Framework.

Tridium Niagara is a software framework that integrates diverse independent systems and devices into a unified platform that can be easily managed and controlled in real time over the Internet using a standard web browser.

Controltech is proud to be a certified Partner of Metz Connect.

C|Logline I/O components and switches are high performance, intelligent system components for integrated control tasks within building automation and process engineering applications. A product range, which connects everything, all from one single source – for your competitive advantage.

SkySpark® Analytics automatically analyzes building, energy and equipment data to identify issues, faults, deviations and correlations, all of which are opportunities for improved performance and operational savings. SkySpark helps facility operators find what matters in the vast amount of data produced by today’s smart systems and is part of Controltech’s customised BMS.

Safety & Industry Memberships

As a Registered Electrical Contractor we understand the legislation and regulations in place and work in accordance with them.

Today, safety is not considered an expense but a fundamental requirement for best practice systems and solutions.

Compliance is non-negotiable. As a registered electrical contracting business servicing some of Australia’s leading businesses and institutions, your business can be assured that Controltech’s safety program ensures compliance to all regulations, including validity of electrical licenses, so as to meet stringent accreditation requirements under the new national workplace health and safety regulations.

Controltech are members of the following industry associations.

Eco Smart Electricians