Building Automation

At Controltech we devote our engineering talent and experience, together with industry leading technology to design and deliver building automation systems which enhance the operation, sustainability and liveability of today’s buildings. We choose, analyse and partner only with leading manufacturers of products conforming to Open Building Standards.

This technology and our expertise will deliver your business a scalable and integrated system that forms the backbone of your building. Most importantly, we are a truly independent systems integrator and believe that ‘open’ systems – where product suppliers are used on the basis that they can provide quality, certified products – serve our customers and the industry best.

Building Intelligence

Previously, building automation systems provided some value when users had a tool for monitoring the consumption of energy within a building.

Today, monitoring energy consumption alone is not enough to drive ongoing operational efficiencies and cost savings throughout your whole business.

The data and metrics we help develop as your solutions partner will deliver a customized information platform that is not just ‘big data’, it’s what we call real Building Intelligence.